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About the Author

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Steve Jackson is an international award-winning, bestselling poet.


His first two books, Wade in the Water and An Affair in the Valley: A Collection of Poems were published by Los Angeles Poet Press. Steve’s third book, The Harbor, was published by Dr Karunesh Agrawal, managing editor of the Taj Majal Review in New Dehli, India.

When Steve Jackson was a child, he began to feel that books are the soul of the human race. He began a quest to try to tell a story of people achieving an ideal with each other where people can see their soul in each other. He defines the soul as an expression of honest love.

Steve studied English literature in college and went on to work in the music business in Los Angeles where he wrote songs and poems. His quest led him to reside near the mountains of Colorado where he lives and writes.

Writing Influences

Steve Jackson’s grandmother was a classical pianist who taught Steve to play the piano when he was a small child. Sitting close to him on the piano bench she would guide his fingers to the keys. When Steve was twelve, she gave him the book Les Miserables.The music and the book were strong influences.

Other influences include: Sherwood Anderson, Sir Walter Scott, Mark Twain, Hemingway, Buke, Hart Crane and Whitman.

Steve's Message to Readers

The beauty
of your kind attentiveness
is a great gift for me.
You inspire me
to try to use
the best of me
for you.
The thought of
my failing you
agitates me
with desire to
fix my mistakes.
It’s desire
that makes me imagine
I was born
to be with you
so we can cry
and smile together.
I will always reach for you
because your sensitive heart
is so grand
it makes me dream
you have room in it
for me.
The thought
of you and I together
gives me a sense of victory
I live for,
it’s victory
where everything
turns out
for the best.


Follow the Journey

Read excerpts from Steve Jackson's books, An Affair in the Valley, The Harbor and Wade in the Water.



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