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The Harbor

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The Harbor is a collection of poems about people facing dark trials with strength to turn wariness into peace, love and hope.


It's a book about people with unfinished business, people still heroic enough to make room in their heart for another person.


The book is about bold acts, beautiful, random acts where a helping hand is like fire to comfort a chilly person anguishing.


The book is about affection and admiration animating a person's body with an adventurous soul turning crisis into opportunity.


The book is about people armed with love so fearless it lets the mind's voice whisper, "Even death will have an exit door."


Like a person in rapture the atmosphere of this book seems to say, "Where the road ahead
disappears in chilly darkness, look again. The cordial world not only waits up ahead with her graceful gift, sunrise, she's already here with a great gift, the gift of you.”

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The style of Steve Jackson is simple, sweet and satisfying. Beautiful word pattern and enchanting melody in these poems are quite impressive. The chief characteristic in these poems is extreme simplicity of style united with profound emotion. The diction of these poems has almost always musical quality. All these poems reveal the concrete and artistic expression of the poet's various moods and thoughts in emotional and rhythmic language.


Dr. Karunesh Agrawal

Managing Editor of the Taj Majal Review and

Book Excerpts

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Secret Love



Secret Love

I loved you
the first time
I saw your face.

I haven’t told anyone.

I don’t want
to make my longing

any stronger than it is

by expressing it.

It’s already bad enough.
I’m so afraid
you’ll hurt me
it’s hard for me to look at you.

I don’t see
how anyone
could keep from wanting you.

You’re the kindest
and most beautiful person

I’ve ever seen.
If we never kiss,
I’ll still carry your memory
in me forever.

I know people
who tell me they’re in love

and I can’t believe
they know
what it is.
How could anyone
feel what I’m going through?

If I try to push you
out of my mind,
you come back
crowding out
my other thoughts
and leaving me
in anguish

under a great burden

of joy.


My friend Frank
doesn’t think he’s a good person.
He tells me he’s disappointed people

and feels bad about it.

I told him I’d read
the only true dignity of a person
is their ability to despise their self.

After he bowed his head
thinking about it,
he said he wasn’t dignified enough

to stay conscious
of his shame and foolishness.

He said he’s deluded himself

with an idea that he tries
to be a good person,
then he carries on

ignoring the poor and the suffering.

I told him I’d read
the more things a person is ashamed of,

the more respectable they are.

He bowed his head and thought about it.

“Frank,” I told him,
“I’ve always felt comfortable around you.

I’ve never seen you try
to lord it over anyone
and you’re one of the few people
I could go anywhere with.”

“Thanks,” he said,

“but if I thought
I was as good as

you say I am,

you’d see me
for what I’m afraid

I am;
morally vain.”


through the years
I sailed
and alone
until I found
peaceful joy
with you
in a harbor
on the glittering shore of the universe.

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