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Wade in the Water

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Wade in the Water describes existence as being like a rose. Though people may suffer getting cut by thorns and withdrawing alone in cold silence where nothing is heard or seen, everything still carries a message like that flower.


A mother soothing a restless child, a snail carrying its home on is back while it climbs out of flooded grass, tears for the pity of war, a child comforting a mother, people with scars healing, the sky  gently and gladly offering her sunrise after a cold night, life's events in this book seem to speak a message symbolized by a rose over thorns.


Taking time to listen and to see a traveller in the universe might feel victorious rapture watching children playing under a rainbow. The children living for joy and love are like freedom's prophets with their shared tears and shared laughter joining hearts on a mutual quest.


Wade in the Water describes the earth they play on as being like one country at peace on common ground, ground so common a bold imagination might see it like a great ship on a journey to tomorrow, a great ship born to carry her people home.


Steve Jackson is a seeker who invites us into his journey. He is a person of principle loving love as the primary essence and compass for his travels. He is curious, inquisitive and always open, seeking the insight of others to congeal his vision and direction. His rich and crafted conversational speech is poetry revealing a heart mourning with those who cry, celebrating with those who laugh, and always looking beyond life's dust to a place where people can wade in the water, water he regards as a great gift from a master artist, the universe.



Richard Weekley

Editor Los Angeles Poet Press

Follow the Journey

Read excerpts from Steve Jackson's books, An Affair in the Valley, The Harbor and Wade in the Water.



The Spectacle

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